April 6, 2019

Cup of Luxury

Why a “Cup of Luxury?“

We remain a small, family owned and operated business. What began a few years ago with a small collection of boutique coffees has grown into an international luxury lifestyle brand of coffee. We are innovators of a coffee lifestyle.

Cup of Luxury’s coffees are known as the ultimate coffee experience. Part of what contributes to our success is that we ensure each coffee is handcrafted with a distinctive roast profile, having a rating of five-stars, and awarded nothing less than 100 points.

At Cup of Luxury, we are passionate about celebrating life, family, friends and success. We bring people together which is beautiful. We are confident that as you experience each of our coffees you will discover a whole new world of coffee bliss.

Bryan-David Scott Rare + Exotic

UMBRA  $2,190.00
Of note: Described as bright, wonderful to the senses, and unlike any other coffee.

Limited: 153 kg will be produced for the 2018-2019 season beginning June 19, 2018.

Pre-orders are available and strongly encouraged.

To create this exclusive coffee, I turned to a friend and favorite client, Al Greene. He named the coffee Umbra.

Cups of Hope  $39.00

When I signed on to support Along Comes Hope, it made perfect sense to create a coffee that brings coffee lovers and supporters of Along Comes Hope together under one label: Hope

Independently rated five stars, awarded 100 points, this is a coffee crafted for compassionate connoisseurs.

Along Comes Hopes: Giving hope to kids fighting cancer.

To inspire HOPE and healing by keeping families together, when it matters the most. We also provide support through financial assistance with travel for treatment, creative emotional support programs and advocacy to promote policy changes, awareness and education.

$10 from every purchase is donated to Along Comes Hope

Connoisseur’s Platinum Gift Box  $175.00

Created with the coffee connoisseur in mind our Connoisseur Platinum Gift Box is the ultimate gift.

Included are four of our specially handcrafted, custom blends of rare, exclusive coffees from around the world. Total coffee perfection. Independently rated five-stars and 100 points. Each bag is cared for by hand including packaging (no machine is ever used). These coffees are internationally renowned as the most wonderfully aromatic, pleasantly intense, rich, full mouth-feel, and smoothest with a long lingering finish.


  • Black Label
  • Simply Decadent
  • Découverte

Bryan-David Scott Private Dining Experience  $249.00

Enjoy an evening of celebrity chef entertainment, luxury coffee infused dining, beautiful independently graded five stars, awarded 100 points luxury coffee, and much more.

$249 – $1,200 per person contingent upon menu selection. For information, please contact us.
*** Membership not required for this dinner.


Wild Civet (Kopi Luwak)  $899.00

The origin of Kopi Luwak is closely connected with the history of coffee production in Indonesia. During the early 18th century the Dutch established cash-crop coffee plantations in their colony, the Dutch East Indies islands of Java and Sumatra, including Arabica coffee introduced from Yemen. During the era of Cultuurstelsel (1830—1870), the Dutch prohibited the native farmers and plantation workers from picking coffee cherries for their own use. Still, the native farmers greatly desired to taste and drink the famed coffee. Soon, the natives learned that certain species of Musang or luwak (Asian Palm Civet) consumed the coffee fruits, yet they left the coffee seeds undigested in their droppings. The natives collected these luwaks’ coffee seed droppings, then cleaned, roasted and ground them to make their own coffee beverage. The fame of aromatic civet coffee spread from locals to Dutch plantation owners and soon became their favorite, yet because of its rarity and unusual process, the civet coffee was expensive even in colonial times.

Signature Series

Simply Decadent  $219.00

Of the luxury range, Simply Decadent is the flagship. A classic special-dark coffee boasting notes of floral and smoke with cedar-like power and an underlying tremor and tautness that delivers a coffee experience second to none. A must have for connoisseurs, chef / owners, and those that appreciate luxury and lifestyle.



L’Chaim  $199.00

L’Chaim is a toast to life. This coffee continues a long-standing tradition of celebrating life, family, friends and success. Soft, smoothly tannic, earthy, nutty with a beautiful nuance of vegetal cocoa. In the cup a pronounced pleasantly rich, medium body. This is a classic luxury coffee voted in 2015, 2016 and 2017 as a must have for connoisseurs.



Découverte  $199.00

In a word: Superb. It has wonderful complexity of flavor, melding dark chocolate with a Mexican like spice at the front of the palate finishing with dark and purple berries, tobacco spice and cedar. Decouverte shows impressive balance. Great stylistic definition. A delicious coffee with velvety tannins and Cabernet like structure and definition.



Black Label  $199.00

This magnificent coffee opens with vibrant dark berry, black cherry and dark chocolate aromas that lead into the signature smoothness, bright acidity and wonderful mouthfeel that characterizes Cup of Luxury’s coffees. The aroma is followed by rich dark berry and dark chocolate flavors with enticing hints of Spanish vanilla and mild spice. On the palate, the coffee has a pleasant full mouthfeel with silky tannins and a smooth texture. Enjoy this estate-grown coffee in the morning, late afternoon or evening. Pairs beautifully with savory and sweet dishes.



Single Origin

Private Estate Costa Rican  $119.00

Cup of Luxury’s beautiful Private Estate Costa Rican coffee is described by Chefs, sommeliers and connoisseurs as a true must have when it is available. Our Costa Rican coffee is famous for its soft silky mouthfeel; clean, bright, and fruit forward on the palate. wildly complex with descriptors of divinely aromatic, floral, lavender, vegetal cocoa, hints of molasses and pipe tobacco; distinct undertones of cocoa saturate a long, smooth lingering finish.



Colombian Supremo  $119.00

In a meeting with world renowned coffee connoisseur Steven Clark, a.k.a. “The coffee professor,” Bryan-David was told that Cup of Luxury must have an exquisite Colombian coffee to be considered a “great” coffee company. Supremely confident, Bryan-David gave the professor 1 lb. for testing. After scrupulous testing Cup of Luxury’s Colombian Supremo, Steven Clark called with his verdict: “Your Colombian Supremo is the best I have had in at least 20 years!”



Shade Grown Mexican  $96.00

Cup of Luxury’s shade grown Mexican coffee boasts a nice medium body with mild acidity and balanced notes of earth, delicate fruit and spice overtones. Finishes beautifully with smooth, smoky, almond notes.



Private Estate Guatemala  $96.00

Our Private Estate Guatemala is simply a connoisseur’s delight.

Guatemalan coffees are considered some of the most amazingly aromatic coffees in the world. The natural shade and jungle of the Guatemalan highlands are the perfect environment for the bourbon botanical variety of Arabica (a spontaneous variety of the original typical), which lends itself to a very nice, natural, full cup.


Gayo Origin, Northern Sumatra  $96.00

Sumatra, perhaps the quintessential Indonesian coffee, doesn’t grow on estates or big farms. It comes from the backyards and garden plots of small landholders,who often have only a few trees. Yet, it’s the elementary way they process beans by hand, using the semi-washed method, that could be the secret to this coffee’s unconstrained flavor and hefty, syrup-like body.



Brazil Special Dark  $96.00

This elegant South American Queen of coffees offers a unique Brazil experience for coffee lovers. The aroma is rich and filled with notes of nutty-berry-citrus. The palate is filled with flavors of sweet caramel, nuts and berries. The coffee is gentle yet bold in weight with a wonderful mouthfeel and sense of mild earthiness that finishes with a light caramel, smoky, nutty note.