April 28, 2018

About Montoro Caffè

Montoro Caffe’ Single Origin comes from Huila—famous for its coffee— which is located in the south west of Colombia at an altitude of 5300 to 5900 feet (1600 – 1800 meters) above sea level. It is a humid region, with abundant rainfall, and an average daytime temperature of 61°F (18°C). Lower nighttime temperatures create significant variations in temperature that are critical in ensuring the quality of coffee by slowing down the ripening process, and thereby providing it with lower acidity and a touch of sweetness unique to the coffee in Huila. This region is home to 100% Arabica, handpicked, wet-processed and sun-dried coffee. The region’s specific geographic location, combined with the variety of thermal levels as well as the unique conditions of water availability, temperature, solar radiation, and wind, make Huila an ideal location for coffee cultivation. Huila’s alternating dry and rainy seasons make it possible to harvest fresh coffee, with Sugar cane aroma, vanilla with cacao and malta notes, soft and medium body, low acidity., throughout the entire year. The coffee’s medium-high body, low acidity, lingering residual flavor, and good balance are excellent qualities that make it one of the preferred cups in the premium and specialty markets.