Letter from the Editor — Changes Made

Thank You to all of Our Visitors, Readers, and Customers, for staying with us since the beginning…


We have made many changes over the last months in order  to attempt to better SERVE YOU !!!


1 We’ve added  ( 2 ) more websites directing traffic to our Main Montoro Caffe https://montorocaffe.com website.

1a https://abeaconofcoffeehope.us

2a https://montorocoffeellc.com


2 We’ve added ( 2 ) more Lines of Coffee to Our Retail offering on the site :

1a  A Premium Grade Line with ( 2 ) choices in size and ( 3 ) choices of Grind

2a  A Traditional or Commercial Grade economical Line with ( 2 ) choices in size and ( 3 ) choices of                    Grind


3 We are also adding to OUR Wholesale Offerings of Green Beans :

1. Cameroon Arabica and Robusta Green Coffee Beans  1 FCL minimum order

2. Indian Arabica and Robusta Green Coffee Beans 1 FCL minimum order

3. *  Coming soon Brazilian, Kenyan, and Indonesian Green Coffee Beans


4  Under HOT DEALS tab on our site 1st in Coffee an Affiliate to Offer :

1a Machines from Top of the Line to Refurbished Commercial and Residential  …

2a Accessories — to provide all the tools and equipment and supplies to allow you to build your                       coffee  making experience even better and more extensive than ever …


5  Things to Come – TBD

1a Limited Edition Fine Wine

2a Fine Cigars

3a Fine Chocolates


****  Franchising Opportunities ****


Thank You again for being with US and if you would Like a FREE Sample of Montoro Coffee provide your Name, Address, and EMail, to bob@montorocaffe.com … then ENJOY !!!