April 28, 2018

Unique Flavor and taste

When it comes about coffee, well, one thing is sure: Coffee is one of the most chemically complex drinks that we consume, for example more flavor molecules are found in coffee than in wine. The raw coffee bean seems to contain more than 300 taste molecules and, hold on, that’s not all. The number of aromatic molecules increase to over 800 when the coffee gets roasted and when they get combined, these molecules interact and produce even more flavors.

Montoro Caffè‘s unique flavor and taste is given by controlled coffee beans origin, as described in Healthy Coffee Beans page, and the roasting process in the purest Italian style gives our coffee an unforgettable taste and an unique flavor, awakening and sharpening all your senses with a tremendous result: the solely purpose to make you enjoy Montoro Caffè‘s symphony of aromas, that can be found in each and every cup of our coffee!